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About Shaun Goodsell

With a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, Shaun Goodsell has 23 years of experience working with young adults and kids on the mental aspects of their game. He teaches them the often missed mental skills that are so needed to live life and play sports in a manner that brings not only fun, but solidifies the important life lessons inherent in sports.

Shaun has worked with professional Golfers, National Championship Hockey Players, Professional Triathletes, State Champion Football and Hockey Players, as well as those athletes who simply want to make “the team.” Every athlete can experience benefits from having a greater understanding of how they can utilize “mind skills” to perform at higher levels and improve their enjoyment in the sports they play.

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“Sports are games played with arms, legs and shoulders 
but mostly from the neck up.”

--Knute Rockne

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